With over 400 different bird species, including large flocks of flamingos and several other water birds, Lake Nakuru National Park is well known as a bird refuge. Many water-loving creatures, like hippos and waterbucks, call this park home, making it a great place to see wildlife. A safari to Lake Nakuru National Park can be finished in a single day or coupled with a trip to Lake Naivasha and the close-by Aberdare National Park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service supervises park management. There are marshes, trees, and grasslands all around the big, shallow Lake Nakuru. The largest euphorbia forest in Africa and a few rocky outcrops can be found on the eastern side. Three principal rivers—the Njoro, the Makalia, and the Enderitrivers—as well as a number of springs supply the lake with water. The park has excellent roads and some great vantage spots including Lion Hill and Baboon Cliff that look out across the lake. The blue-green Cyanophyte Spirulina Platensis that the lake supports is the primary food source for the beautiful pink flamingos that may be seen wading on the lake’s edge.


Enjoy the magnificent waterfowl and other bird species while birdwatching. The lake and the amazing display of pink flamingos along its edge are best viewed from Baboon Cliff, which also offers a great view of the birds. However, since feeding conditions change, the number of birds in the park varies; thus, before traveling, inquire about the bird population with the national park.

See the critically endangered white rhinos as well as other species like Rothschild giraffes, buffalo, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs, hippos, and more.

Drive through the largest euphorbia forest in Africa and the unusual plants.

The vantage points include Out of Africa, Baboon Cliff, and Lion Hill. Visit Makalia’s lovely waterfall. 

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